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Mantis 3D Stereo Microscopes

3D Stereo Microscopes (3 off, 1 off with HD Camera)

The Mantis is an ergonomic stereo microscope which produces the highest quality 3D imaging and is a key tool for the inspection team at our Hampshire engineering workshop.

This microscope allows our team to view finished precision parts in the finest detail as a high resolution, high contrast, optical stereo image.

The clarity and resolution of the image produced allows our team to perform their quality assurance tasks accurately and quickly. The microscope features quick magnification changes and 5 different illumination modes, to ensure the best possible shadow free illumination of the component.

Here at Norjon, we believe in the highest levels of quality control and precision, and our Mantis microscopes help ensure that every part that leaves our shop floor is clean and perfectly machined. They are a key part of our inspection section, which also includes kit such as the Global Performance CMM, Romer Absolute Arm and the Global S Chrome.

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