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Agie Charmilles Cut 300 – Wire EDM

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Wire Cut Erosion Machine – EDM

Electrical discharge machining (EDM) can be an effective option for producing particularly complex precision components, and here at Norjon we’re well equipped with a range of plant to support this kind of work.

The AgieCharmilles CUT 300 is a versatile wire erosion machine, capable of cutting 45° cones, at any height.

This machine allows us to produce work with a large taper and it has a wide variety of uses at our Hampshire precision engineering shop.

The CUT 300 features automatic wire changing during machining, allowing for complex machining at low cost. This feature means we can use large wire for roughing, before changing to small wire for fine detail and definition, and to achieve the smallest radii. The ease of wire changing also helps us to produce a variety of parts efficiently and at speed.

The machine’s ISPS module uses spark distribution data to automatically adapt to challenging machining conditions, setting the correct parameters to avoid wire breakage.

Technical details:

Min. surface roughness RA    0.07 μm
Max. taper angle / height        30/100° mm
Max. workpiece dimensions * 1050 x 650 x 250 mm
Max. workpiece weight (with bath)     400 kg