CBG 9411

Electrox Max Box

Laser Engraving

Laser Engraver/Part Marker

The Electrox MaxBox is a complete bench-mounted laser marking system, which can be used on a wide range of materials, and easily accommodated on the busiest shop floor.

At our Hampshire precision engineering workshop, we have a variety of laser engravers and part markers, to make sure that we’re always well-equipped for the labelling of our high quality components, regardless of the material used.

The laser technologies used in the MaxBox are housed within a very small footprint, and offer a very high beam quality and reliability.

Technical details:

Working Envelope:              500mm x 350mm x 250mm
Marking Envelope:              100mm x 100mm
Laser Type:                           EF Technology or Yb:Fibre
Wavelength:                         1064 or 1.060 – 1080 nm
Pulse Frequency:                 0.1 to 100kHz or 20 to 80 kHz
Operating Modes:               CW and Q-Switched or Pulsed
Footprint                              700mm x 809mm