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Hermle C400 Flex

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CNC 5-Axis Machining Centre complete with HS Flex Robot Pallet Loader

The Hermle C400 is a stalwart of our multi-axis milling section, and this machine, equipped with the HS Flex robot pallet loader makes quick work of high volume jobs.

The C400 is a flexible model which excels at 5-axis work, and the addition of automation makes this one of the hardest working machines on our Hampshire shop floor. The HS Flex system allows for maximum productivity, which means we can deliver your components faster and more affordably, without compromising on quality.

The mineral cast machine bed allows for stable, vibration-free machining, which allows for high accuracy, precision work. We’ve used this capable machine for a range of jobs, particularly the production of thermoforming mould tools.

Technical details

Working Envelope: 850mm x 700mm x 500mm

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