Hermle CNC 5-Axis Machining Centre

Hermle C40U

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CNC 5-Axis Machining Centre

The Hermle C40U is a vertical machining centre which allows for high-performance part manufacture with maximum accuracy and a high quality finish.

Like all of Hermle’s CNC multi-axis machines, the static, dynamic and thermal properties of this machining centre are optimised using FEM calculations and simulations based on 3-D CAD data. These are then verified in real-life using experimental studies, resulting in a powerful machine that has been finessed for the highest quality work.

We use this multi-axis milling machine for jobs requiring up to 5-axis work, including the production of medical components, motorsport parts and thermoforming mould tools.

This is just one of the tools we have at in our well-stocked multi-axis machining section – explore our full plant list here.

Technical details:

Working Envelope: 850mm x 700mm x 500mm