CBB 4354

Index C200

Multi Axis MachiningTurningAutomation

Triple Turret, Twin Spindle, Fixed Head CNC Multi-Tasking Machine complete with LNS Short Magazine Bar Loader

Today’s high-speed, high-volume production market demands production turning machines that shorten cycle times, increase tool life and work more economically. The INDEX C200 is the perfect choice to meet these requirements.

This machine is our go-to for the fast production of bar turned parts. The C200 at our Hampshire workshop is set up in 3 turret configuration, allowing for the maximum flexibility and complexity. 

The INDEX SingleSlide guide system, a slideway with two degrees of freedom in one plane, ensures a significantly faster dynamic response, a big benefit to the smooth and efficient operation of the machine.

Fitted with the LNS short magazine bar loader, this CNC turning machine is able to automatically load short bars, increasing production speed and lowering costs to the customer.

Technical details:

  • Spindle capacity for bar work Ø65mm
  • Both left and right chuck spindles offer full C-axis contouring
  • High parts variety through 3 turrets with 14 stations each
  • Simultaneous machining using 3 turrets
  • Y-axis functionality
  • LNS Quick Load Bar Feeder for continuous, automated production