Index G200 multitasking mill-turn machine

Index G200

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CNC Multi-tasking Machine with automatic bar feeder and robot arm loader

The Index G200 is a flexible mill-turn centre with twin spindles and twin turrets which allow for simultaneous machining capability. It’s ideal for the production of precision parts using bar stock and ensures the production of parts to a high level of accuracy.

The Index is equipped with an automatic bar feeder and robot arm loader, allowing for complete automation, so it can turn raw bar stock into finished components in one operation.

  • Up to three tool carriers with Y-axis usable on main and counter spindles
  • Simultaneous machining with up to 4 tools
  • Milling spindle: 360° B-axis, max. 7,200 rpm, 22 kW and 52 Nm, HSK-A40
  • Turning-milling operations: up to 660mm turning length