CBB 5031 2

Technifor Laser Workstation LW1

Laser Engraving

Laser Engraver/Part Marker

At our Hampshire precision engineering workshop, we have a variety of laser engravers and part markers, so that all our high quality components can be marked up and fully identifiable and traceable.

The Technifor LW1 laser workstation is simple and robust,and can quickly and efficiently engrave complex information and patterns including serial numbers, text, datamatrix codes, symbols and logos.

This laser station allows for surface marking and deep engraving for all types of materials and  surfaces, and we’ve used it on a wide variety at our Hampshire precision engineering workshop; rough, smooth, raw, anodised or painted, we’ve yet to find something it can’t handle.

Technical details:

Working Envelope: 300mm x 400mm x 300mm
Marking Envelope: 100mm x 100mm