CBG 9596

Okuma Multus U3000

Mould ToolsMulti Axis MachiningTurning

Twin Spindle, Twin Turret CNC Multi-Tasking Machine

The heavier-duty cousin to the B250 II, our Okuma MULTUS U3000, equipped with B-axis head, is a highly capable CNC multi-tasking machine with an automatic tool changer (ATC), optional sub-spindle and lower turret.

This machine has a broad scope of machining functions and offers an upgrade in power, speed, and process flexibility from the B250 II. It’s a great machine for those jobs that need to be done to tight timescales, as the ATC means we can complete the work in one setup and produce the highest quality parts quickly.

At our Hampshire precision engineering workshop we use this machine for a range of high-accuracy CNC milling and turning work, for industries from automotive to energy.

Technical details:

Max turning diameter              Ø650mm

240° B-axis range with 12,000 RPM spindle speed

Both left and right chuck spindles offer full C-axis contouring

Y-axis functionality

Spindle Nose Type JIS A2-6 [JIS A2-8]

Speed Range (min⁻¹) 50~5,000

Standard Power (20 min/cont) (kW) 22/15

Rapid Traverse Xa/Za (m/min) 50

Rapid Traverse Zb/Y (m/min) 40

Rapid Traverse Xb (m/min) 25