CBB 4890

PDJ Vibro Deburrer

Mould Tools

Circular Vibratory Bowl

A perfect piece of machining is only as good as its finishing; that’s why here at Norjon we’re laser focused on making sure that every component that leaves our Hampshire shop floor is looking its best.

The PDJ Vibro Deburrer is one tool that helps us with our mission to achieve the perfect finish. Using various combinations of finishing media and chemical additives, we can achieve a wide spectrum of finishes, from simple deburring, edge breaking, degreasing, radiusing though to 0.03 ra super finishing.

Its heavy-duty electric vibration motor and continuously adjustable vibration control help to keep the finishing media oscillating and rotating to create directional scroll action. Whether we’re producing parts for the automotive industry, the medical sector, or for use in energy and power applications, we use this machine, or other machines in our finishing section, to make sure everything is clean and beautifully finished.