CBG 9217

Prosaw BS-250HAS

Horizontal Automatic Bandsaw

Used as a supplementary machine – not for production.

Considered by some to be the UK’s most popular automatic bandsaw, the Pro-Saw BS-250HAS is known for its ease of use and reliability. Pro-Saw have a 35 year track record of selling in the UK, and claim that over 1,000 of these machines have been sold in that time.

Featuring a split front vice to minimise burr, automatic ‘fast approach’ T Bar and bow raise, powered swarf brush and hydraulic blade tension, this bandsaw makes quick work of clean and accurate cutting.

We have one of these tried and tested machines at our Hampshire precision engineering workshop, although we never use it in production. Our shop floor is packed with the latest state-of-the-art machines: new automated solutions, smarter programming and the ability to produce parts smaller, more complex and in higher volumes than ever before. We’re excited to be part of the next chapter of precision engineering.

Technical details:

Dimensions:                 3660mm × 34mm × 1.1mm
Table Height:               593mm
Fixed blade speed:      25, 32, 42, 55, 70 & 80 m/min
Solid Round 90:           260mm
Solid Rectangle 90:     300x180mm
Solid Square 90:         280x250mm