CBG 9238

Prosaw V315 – Heavy Duty Circular Saw

Heavy Duty Circular Saw

Used as a supplementary machine – not for production.

This heavy duty circular saw is operated by a pull down handle and offers easy mitre cutting for general cutting requirements. It features a self-centring double split vice to grip material on both sides and has two cutting speeds to cope with a range of materials from mild steel to stainless.

It features a nickel bronze gear with precision ground & hardened worm drive screw; robust, double hinged pivot and a two speed main motor.

While this machine is a feature of our Gosport shop floor, we never use it for production jobs. We have a full range of milling and turning, multi-axis and automated machines in a variety of specs, so we can handle any precision engineering job that comes our way, from the biggest to the smallest. However complex or high-volume the job, we have the tools for it.