CBB 4853

Starrat 400 Series

Optical Projector with Quadra Check 200 Digital Display

Quality control is the key to turning out perfect precision components. That’s why at our Hampshire workshop we’re fully equipped with all the tools we need to make sure every part that leaves our shop floor is meticulously checked and inspected.

This Starrat 400 series optical projector is fitted with the industry-leading Quadra-Check digital readout system to make sure everything is as accurate as possible.

The Quadra-Check 200 is an advanced digital readout system for performing measurements at the highest levels of precision and accuracy. It allows us to record feature and construction measurements quickly, easily and accurately with the time-saving Measure Magic technology. It features a fully usable 400mm diameter screen with precision cross lines, overlay clips and integral hood and lamphouse mounted helix adjustment for accurate threadform inspection.

Technical details:

Screen diameter 400m
Large measuring travel: 254mm X-axis x 100mm Y-axis
Stage weight capacity 25kg