CBB 5098

Traub TNL 20-9

Multi Axis MachiningTurningAutomation

Twin Turret, Twin Spindle, Fixed Head & Sliding Head Multi-Tasking Machine complete with FMB Minimag 20 Magazine Bar Loader

This sliding and fixed headstock automatic lathe combines the productivity of a very high-performance automatic turning machine with the ability to produce even the most demanding workpieces accurately and economically.

The Traub TNL20-9’s crucial productivity advantage is the result of its high dynamics. The machine bed has excellent vibration dampening properties and the high rigidity and thermal stability ensure optimum workpiece quality. The kinematics of the machine allow effective and simultaneous machining with two turrets, while the vertical work area provides maximum freedom

The FMB Minimag 20 magazine bar loader on this machine allows for continuous, automated production, allowing us to deliver quality precision parts fast and affordably.

We’ve used the Traub TNL20-9 at our Hampshire precision engineering workshop to produce quality components for a range of industries, from marine to medical, energy and automotive.

Technical details:

  • Spindle capacity for bar work Ø20mm
  • High parts variety through 2 turrets
  • Simultaneous machining with 2 turrets
  • Y-axis functionality
  • FMB Minimag 20 Bar Feeder for continuous, automated production