Norjon precision engineers are recognised providers of turning services for a wide range of specialist sectors. The Hampshire engineering firm is known for providing the very highest levels of quality, accuracy and service. 

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Computer numerical control (CNC) turning is a fundamental element of precision engineering work. Much like CNC milling, it is a reductive machining process, whereby material is removed to create the desired shape.

CNC turning processes allow for the production of high quality machined parts from bars of raw material. The bar stock is held in a chuck and rotated. A cutting tool is then introduced to the piece to remove material.


In our well-stocked Gosport workshop we have invested heavily in the latest cnc turning centres to make sure that our equipment can handle even the most demanding machining processes.

The number of tool attachments that each cnc turning machine can hold is determined by the number of tool turrets it has. While traditionally turning would involve only a single point cutting tool, restricting the work to 2 axes, multi-tasking mill-turn machines are able to operate in multiple axes.

Our turning section boasts several top-of-the-line multitasking mill-turn centres like the Index G200 and Traub TNL 20-9, as well as CNC lathes. Our machines all use the latest CADCAM software, so you can trust that quality is maintained right through from the initial cad files to the finished parts.


Throughout history, notable engineers and inventors have changed the way we live through their designs. By striving for perfection in everything we do, Norjon is honoured to be part of the next chapter in that story of innovation.

For decades, we have been producing parts for sectors as diverse as medicine and motorsport, energy and aerospace. These sectors involve demanding applications, which require components produced to very tight tolerances.

Our skilled turning team are experts in all aspects of the turning process and can advise the best way to achieve the perfect finish for your job. 


Everything we do is carefully controlled to the highest standards, including ISO 9001:2015, and every part that leaves our workshop is carefully assessed by our quality assurance and inspection team. 

We’ve built a reputation for excellence over many years, and will work with you to achieve the optimum result for your requirements. Whether your project involves complex CNC turning, multi-axis milling, or a combination of machining processes, Norjon has the team, the tools and the track record to deliver at the highest levels.

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The Traub TNL20-9 lathe with control panel visible
Our Traub TNL20-9, with FMB Minimag 20 bar loader

The Traub TNL20-9 is a high-end mill-turn centre, with twin turrets, twin spindle and a sliding and fixed headstock. It’s one of several multitasking milling and turning machines. Ours is equipped with an FMB Minimag bar loader, allowing for continuous, automated production. 


Index G200 multitasking mill-turn machine
Our Index G200 equipped with bar loader and robot arm loader

The Index G200 is a twin spindle, twin turret,  flexible mill-turn centre with simultaneous machining capability. It’s highly accurate, and ideal for the production of precision parts using bar stock.

Fitted with both a robot arm loader and an automatic bar feeder, the Index G200 is capable of completely automated production.