Norjon precision engineering has a long history of providing high quality service with discretion and excellent customer care. Thanks to the company’s reputation for excellence, and ISO9001:2015, Norjon is perfectly placed to meet the specialist needs of customers in the defence sector, across land, sea and air.

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Defence manufacturing requires the highest levels of refinement and working to the very tightest tolerances. From the biggest to the smallest components, every part must be held to the highest quality standards.

Defence components also need to be robust enough to deal with the extreme conditions and specialised applications of the sector. 

When it comes to defence, the margins for error are nonexistent, so here at Norjon we put safety, reliability and accuracy front and centre in all our manufacturing.


Here at Norjon, our manufacturing processes are rigorously controlled, to deliver high quality defence components quickly, efficiently and affordably.

With our extensive suite of cnc machining centres, we’re well equipped to deliver all manner of precision components, no matter how big, how small, or how complex. Our Hampshire workshop boasts a range of multi-axis milling machines, as well as a strong complement of cnc turning plant and multi-tasking machines. 

Our inspection section looks over every part that leaves our shop floor, checking for even the most minor imperfections. Nothing goes out unless it’s absolutely perfect, so you can rest assured that your components will be perfectly machined and finished.


We’ve worked with a long list of renowned defence customers, producing a wide range of components, from valve blocks to propulsion seals. We understand the need for fast, discreet service, without compromising on quality. 

“I’ve worked at Norjon producing components for the defence industry for years now: we’re trusted defence components manufacturers thanks to our attention to detail and ability to work to tight lead times. It’s great to know that our work is powering the ships, submarines and aircraft that keep us safe.”

Gavin Edwards, Purchasing Manager 

To meet the challenges of the modern world of defence, make sure you’re working with the best suppliers.

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