The Hampshire precision engineering company is a key player in luxury automotive part manufacture, and with continued growth on the horizon, Norjon is set to soar.

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With clients from Cosworth to Gordon Murray Automotive, Norjon has worked with some of the biggest names in the luxury car market.

We’re the first choice for many high-end vehicle manufacturers, because they know we have the expertise, equipment and excellent team required to deliver at the very highest standards.


Our years of producing components for the world’s most luxurious car brands means that we know that quality is defined by the very finest of margins. Tolerances and surface finishes must be finessed to perfection.

There are approximately 6,000 individual components in an average car, and that number can be far higher for premium vehicles. Every tiny part of the car must be carefully designed, expertly machined and perfectly finished for the drive to be the very best it can be.

Dimensional tolerances on internal components are particularly important for a smooth driving experience, and thanks to our well-stocked inspection department, here at Norjon we can measure tolerances down to less than 5 microns.


We’ve delivered all kinds of high end car parts over the course of our thirty year history. Whether you need intricate assemblies for use in the powertrain, or key structural parts, our highly skilled team will work with you every step of the way to deliver a finessed and flawless finished product.

“Luxury automotive parts are some of my favourite to work on. We’ve spent so many years refining our processes, and it’s a great challenge to work out how to achieve some of those  complex shapes needed for perfection.”
Mark Freeman, Production Manager
Norjon Precision Engineers


Building a luxury vehicle requires high quality components, produced to the finest tolerances with the utmost precision.

We have particular expertise in producing powertrain components, and have supplied to customers whose cars are prized both on the roads and on the racetrack. The raw power of a car is all held in the powertrain, from engine to axles, it’s what makes the car go.

“Powertrains are a speciality for Norjon. It’s always great to see our work helping propel fast cars to be even faster!”
Mark Freeman, Production Manager
Norjon Precision Engineers

We’ve invested in the latest technologies to ensure that we deliver at the very highest standards. Our well-equipped engineering workshop is kitted out with top-spec multi-axis machining plant, allowing us to deliver the highest quality parts no matter how complex.


exotic materials automotive

The Hermle C32 is just one precision machine that sees plenty of use in our luxury auto parts manufacturing work.

This 5-axis machining centre is our first choice for machining exotic materials. These types of compound are crucial to manufacturing automotive parts, as they can withstand the high speed and strong forces inside a performance car.

This machine’s high torque allows us to machine even the toughest materials with ease, and thanks to its multi-axis machine configuration it can handle incredibly complex geometries.