Norjon Engineers has supplied precision components for some of the biggest names in motorsport manufacture. The Hampshire precision engineering company is set to grow its expertise in producing parts for the automotive sector even further by securing IATF16949:2016 in 2024.

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Formula 1

The pinnacle of high-performance motoring, Formula 1 (F1) requires the highest standards of accuracy and precision when it comes to parts manufacture. Each F1 car is made up of over 14,500 bespoke precision components.

While it’s true that approximately 80 per cent of the F1 car is made up of composites and carbon fibre, there are also thousands of metal components that are vital to the smoothness, speed and safe running of the car.

Many of the metals used in F1 part production are exotic materials such as titanium, prized for high durability even under extremely high stress.

Race Winning Expertise

We’ve worked with some of the biggest names in motorsport and while we can’t tell you who, you’d recognise them from racetracks the world over, delivering peak performance. You’ll find our parts in some of the most impressive cars around, from F1 to the latest innovations in the hypercar space.

When winning races is your goal, you need to be able to trust your suppliers to push quality in every aspect of part production, and to finesse each component to make sure you have the competitive advantage. We’re pleased to have built strong relationships with our automotive clients and delivered high quality, high performance components with speed and efficiency.

We’re particularly experienced in the production of powertrain components – making the fastest cars even faster, cleaner and greener.

Precision Powertrain Parts

A powertrain is a system inside a vehicle that is designed to propel it forwards. Automotive powertrains are made up of the engine, transmission, driveshaft, axles, and differential.

The powertrain is the secret to speed – all the power required to push the car around the track fastest, is generated by the powertrain.

At Norjon, we understand that precisely machined powertrain components can be the difference between a podium finish and being at the back of the pack. Every element of our manufacturing process is carefully tested and quality controlled. 

We draw on our team’s decades of engineering expertise and use the latest advanced CNC machining centres, so that we can control every variable throughout production.

Our inspection department checks everything over thoroughly to ensure that each component that leaves our Hampshire precision engineering workshop is as clean and accurately machined as possible.

Hermle C22U

The Hermle C22U with Erowa Compact 80 Pallet Loader, viewed from behind the control panel
The Hermle C22U is a stand-out piece of plant that we use for the production of many motorsport components

The Hermle C22U a flexible machine that we’ve used for a huge range of 5-axis milling, but it sees particularly heavy use in the production of automotive parts. Its accuracy and precision are second to none, so it’s ideal for jobs involving the very tightest tolerances and strictest specifications.

Our C22U is equipped with the Erowa Compact 80 Pallet Loader, so we can use automation to increase the speed, efficiency and cost-effectiveness of our manufacturing.


Motorsport Manufacture
The Okuma MULTUS B250II is a real multi-tasker and is critical for the production of many automotive parts

Our mill-turn section sees a lot of action when it comes to producing automotive components as their complexity often requires highly flexible multi-tasking machinery. 

The Okuma MULTUS B250II, is one of our hardest working machines, with lathe, vertical and horizontal machining and material-handling operations all combined in one machine.

It’s the key to turning out parts in need of process-intensive machining quickly and efficiently, without compromising on quality.

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