Norjon’s latest plant acquisition increases the Gosport precision engineering company’s ability to deal with exotic materials, allowing it to service specialist jobs in the automotive, medical and defense industries. The Hermle C32U is a formidable tool for dealing with components made from the toughest materials.

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What are exotic materials?

Exotic materials are materials that have specialist properties, such as increased durability, resistance to extreme temperatures or corrosive elements. These improved wear characteristics make exotics ideal for use in components for industries such as the motorsport, medical and aerospace sectors.

While these materials offer significant benefits for the production of parts used in high-stress environments, they are known to be extremely difficult to machine, requiring specialist tools, techniques and plant.

Examples of these kinds of materials include titanium and inconel. Compared to carbon steel, these materials have a machinability of around 20 per cent.

Inconel: these nickel-chrome-based superalloys demonstrate high corrosion and oxidisation resistance, as well as the ability to withstand extremely high temperatures. Its high toughness, hardness, cutting force and work hardening rate make it a challenge to machine.

Titanium: this widely used material is well known as one of the most difficult materials to machine due to its high tensile strength, low elasticity and low thermal conduction.

How we handle challenging materials

Our Hampshire workshop features some heavy-duty machining centres that were created specifically to meet the challenges presented by tough-to-machine materials. 

These machines are set up with the ideal tools to handle exotic materials, even when producing very intricate components. Norjon has over 30 years of experience in turning out the highest quality precision parts, and we’ve fine-tuned every aspect of our processes for working with exotic materials.

Our newest addition to the shop floor, the Hermle C32U is perfectly set up for this kind of work.

Hermle C32U

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Our Hermle C32U is perfect for volume work featuring complex workpieces

The Hermle C32U boasts extremely high torque, giving it the edge when it comes to stability, tool life and heavy duty machining. It also excels at enhanced material removal.

This becomes especially useful when dealing with challenging materials and machining requirements. It can handle workpieces of up to 1000kg and machine in 5-axes simultaneously and is considered the ideal choice for parts requiring complex geometry.

This machine is perfectly suited to a wide range of industrial applications, ensuring speed, efficiency and a quality finish.

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