Norjon Precision Engineering has invested in strengthening its capabilities to support the biggest high volume production jobs. The Index G200 is the newest addition to the Gosport shop floor, and significantly increases Norjon’s capacity for mass production.

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What is high-volume manufacturing?

High-volume manufacturing offers some significant benefits for industries from automotive to electrical, speeding up the production process and efficiently turning out components in large quantities.

Automation is a key tool for mass production work. The ability to set up the machine to an agreed programme of work, and allow it to progress through from start to finish reduces downtime, extends production hours and removes the need for manually resetting machinery or transferring workpieces from one machine to another. 

The quick turnaround time on this kind of batch production work means that it’s highly cost-effective for large orders, so you can source your precision parts fast and affordably, without compromising on quality.

No part to big, too small or too complex

At Norjon, speed never comes at the cost of perfection. We understand that high volume jobs need the highest levels of accuracy and strive to ensure that every single one of your batch produced parts is the cleanest and most precise it can be. 

In fact, with the right machine set-up, the consistency that’s inherent to high volume manufacturing, increases the accuracy of the process. Because every facet of the production is carefully monitored and programmed, mass production can result in a higher level of precision. The machines on our shop floor operate within set parameters, leaving less room for error or variation.

We’re so dedicated to the perfect finish on our high volume manufacturing jobs, that we’ve invested in several new machines to complement our comprehensive plant list.

Get to know our volume production machines:

Index G200

high volume production An Index G200 mill-turn centre will automatic bar loader - view along the bar loader towards the work area

Our Index G200, complete with automatic bar feeder

The Index G200 is a flexible mill-turn centre with simultaneous machining capability, thanks to twin spindles and twin turrets. It’s highly accurate, and ideal for the production of precision parts using bar stock.

Our Index is equipped with an automatic bar feeder and robot arm loader, allowing for complete automation. This makes it well-suited to production volume contracts and the perfect solution for turning raw bar stock into finished components in one operation.

An image of a bar turned precision component made in silver coloured metal
An example component produced using the Index G200


Traub TNL20-9

The Traub TNL20-9 lathe with control panel visible A zoomed out view of the Traub TNL20-9 lathe and the workshop floor
Our Traub TNL20-9, with FMB Minimag 20 bar loader


Our Traub TNL20-9 is a sliding and fixed headstock lathe fitted with an FMB Minimag bar loader. This allows for continuous, automated production so parts can be machined quickly, affordably and to the highest quality.

The machine’s kinematics allow for simultaneous machining with two turrets and the flexible set up means it can handle a variety of complex parts with ease.

Hermle C12U

high volume production high volume production

Our Hermle C12U is equipped with the Halter Robot Arm Loader

The Hermle C12U is a compact vertical 5 axis machining centre with a swivel rotary table design. We’ve equipped ours with a Halter Robot Arm Loader to allow for seamless automated production of parts.

The C12U can be used for some of the most demanding materials and applications, and the addition of the robot means that the highest quality components can be turned out at speed and on budget.

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