Norjon Sponsor Two 14year Old Girls On A World Challenge

Norjon are proud to sponsor Emily Danby and Charlotte Enright who at 14 years old, have been chosen out of their school as 2 out of 20 other people who will be taking part on a trip to Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands.
The expedition will be taking place in the summer of 2014, we will be spending 3 weeks in Ecuador and a week in the Galapagos Islands. To get to partake on this amazing trip we have the incredibly hard task of raising £4755 each, which has proved so far to be a incredibly difficult so far!

When on the actual expedition we will be doing projects in Ecuador regarding helping children in poverty and helping to improve communities where we are based.
The aim of the project phase is to do practical work that is of some benefit to the local community that we are visiting in Ecuador. At the same time we hope to gain a lot from helping a local community or organization.

This phase will be around 6 days long and will involve the team in some form of conservation, construction or cultural work, which many of us are not used to. Also, we are planning on climbing Ecuadorian volcanoes and doing large treks throughout the rain forest. This will be the main challenge of our month away in Ecuador and is what will need a lot of training for the fitness needed.
Whilst away, we will be arranging our accommodation, how we travel and the food we eat as we go along with the help of small budget we will receive from world challenge.

We think one of the main challenges will be being away from civilization for so long and being away from all the luxuries we have at home. We know this will be a life changing, eye opening experience that will make us largely appreciate everything we have at home. Also when we get home, we expect that we’ll become a lot more independent and be able to cope with difficult situations in the future.