With the acquisition of a new Global S Chrome Co-ordinate Measuring Machine (CMM), Norjon Precision Engineers has grown its inspection and quality assurance capabilities even further, allowing the Hampshire precision engineering firm to take on even more complex work.

Precision engineering work succeeds or fails on the basis of quality. Intricately machined components, carefully designed and executed on multi-axis CNC machines require inspection and measurement to the highest levels of accuracy. 

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A history of quality

Norjon has been leading the way in inspection and quality control for over 30 years. We undertake comprehensive quality control processes in all our work, from initial consultation to the final product.

ISO9001:2015 certified, we are experienced with First Article Inspection (FAI), In Process Quality Checks (IPQCs) and Production Part Approval Process (PPAP).

  • FAI assesses the quality of one to five randomly selected components from the first run of a high-volume production job.
  • IPQC checks are carried out while the manufacturing job is in progress, allowing for monitoring and adaptation of the manufacturing process in order to comply with specifications.
  • PPAP validates a production process by inspecting parts before, during, and after a production run and ensuring that components can be reliably and repeatedly produced to specification.

Whatever your requirements, we can work with you to create an inspection process to make sure your components are exactly as you need them.

Our team

Norjon’s highly experienced team consists of two Quality Assurance (QA) and five Quality Control (QC) operatives. 

With decades of experience in precision engineering, our quality experts have the knowledge and understanding to fulfil any quality requirement. These skilled members of staff ensure that every part that leaves the shop floor is clean, accurate and identical to client specifications.

The team examines every manufactured component before dispatch and has a full range of measuring equipment.

Our plant

Here at Norjon, we have heavily invested in our inspection tools. Alongside the new Global S Chrome CMM, we have a range of CMMs, microscopes, optical projectors, touch probes and roughness testers. 

Our well-stocked inspection department features state-of-the-art machines for any task. Whatever the quality requirements of a job, we have the right tools to meet the challenge.

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Global S Chrome

Our Global S Chrome is the newest addition to our inspection department

The GLOBAL S Chrome is a top-of-the-line inspection tool, which we use to ensure the very highest quality on every part that we produce. With high thermal compensation capabilities, this CMM allows us to take extremely accurate measurements on the shop floor, even at very high or very low temperatures.

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