CBB 5137


We’re experts in producing high quality, complex and precision machined parts.

On our selection of turning centres, using conversational programming systems and the most recent CADCAM software, we have the ability to make simple 2-axis turned parts up to and including 9-axis full mill turned parts.

On our multi-axis mill turn machines, we can produce turned and milled parts in their entirety from bar or billet in a single setup.

We also offer full 5-axis simultaneous machining on our mill turn machines.

Parts up to 500mm in diameter and 1500mm in length can be machined.

Multi Axis MachiningTurningAutomation
Index C200 - Triple Turret, Twin Spindle, Fixed Head CNC Multi-Tasking Machine - Complete with LNS Short Magazine Bar Loader
Multi Axis MachiningTurningMillingAutomationMould Tools
Okuma LB3000 EX II MYW 800 - Twin Spindle CNC Lathe - Complete with IEMCA Kid 80 Magazine Bar Loader
Mould ToolsMulti Axis MachiningTurning
Okuma Multus U3000 - Twin Spindle, Twin Turret CNC Multi-Tasking Machine
Multi Axis MachiningTurningAutomation
Traub TNL 20-9 - Twin Turret, Twin Spindle, Fixed Head & Sliding Head Multi-Tasking Machine - Complete with FMB Minimag 20 Magazine Bar Loader